Silicon Valley Podiatry Group

2505 Samaritan Dr., Suite 509
San Jose , CA  95124

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Silicon Valley Podiatry Group, San Jose

The purpose of our practice is to provide the best podiatry care for our patients. To accomplish this, we are committed to total patient care with quality and integrity.

Products & Services

  • podiatrist
  • foot doctor
  • foot specialist chiropodist D.P.M. foot surgeon foot and ankle surgeon podiatric surgeon podiatric physician foot care foot toe arch ankle shin splints runner's knee toenail ingrown toenail fungus toenail arch pain heel pain plantar fasciitis neuroma morton's neuroma neuroptahy peripheral neuropathy diabetic neuropathy diabetic ulcer bunion bunionette hallux valgus hammertoe clawtoe mallet toe curly toe corn callouses foot ulcer exostosis hallux valgus ankle arthroscopy endoscopic plantar fasciotomy laser foot surgery osteotomy orthotics tailor's bunion flatfoot toeing in turned-in foot toe-walker metatarsalgia ankle sprain clubfoot children's foot problems foot surgery ankle surgery rheumatoid arthritis of feet bursitis of foot calcification of tendons pes cavus pes planus Charcot's joint fractured foot fractured ankle fractured toe exostosis fallen arches tendonitis of foot and ankle foreign body of foot frostbite of foot gait ganglion of foot Haglund's disease


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